A Very Happy New Year

“Hi everyone”

We thought we would let a few days pass before the usual “Happy New Year”
messages…Now we are fully into the new year and still wish you all a great
We have been busy over the last few months, Derawan is fully up and running,
although those that visited last year were welcomed by Nadine & Frankie, we are sad to say they are no longer with us there, but very happy for them cos’ they now have a beautiful little boy!!! So good luck and best wishes to
them for the future…
There is still the same Tasik Divers welcome there and we hope to see you there again or for the first time this year.
Last week in Manado, we had the pleasure of having Alex Mustard stay with us, hope you got some great shots Alex, under & above the water, and we look forward to having you back with us whenever you can…. Not sure if he brought the good luck (& great weather!!) with him, but on
the first days diving we were all graced with several Orca’s..then the next
day a sleek hammerhead went cruising by the boat…..definitely
unusual…but then hey it’s a great big sea!!!
So if the colds getting to you, or you simply need a break from the
desk….we will all be waiting to give you the great Tasik experience……


Dan Green & some of our guests


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