Just a short distance from Tasik Ria is the dive site Popo Betlehem

“A wordplay coming from “Better than Lembeh”, describes this site perfectly well. A true “muck” dive like those found in the Lembeh Straits, except with warmer water and better visibility. In the shallows extensive beds of Sea grass are found, where you can find different kinds of moray eels, pipe fishes, sea snakes, nudibranchs as well as seahorses and Frogfish. The black sandy slope has hardly any patches of reef but is full of concrete and sand filled bags with ropes attached, which hold the Oyster farm in place, which floats on the water above. Those offer excellent hideouts for an amazing array of critters and the ropes are used by big schools of long finned squid to attach their eggs. The whole range of “special” critters can be found on this site and photographers can easily dive here for days and days.”

On my last dive there I was lucky enought to find some juvanile seahorses


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