New international team at Tasik Divers

It is with great pleasure that we welcome three new instructors to the Tasik Team.

These new staff members make the instructor team at Tasik Divers truly multi-lingual!

Here is a brief bio from each of them.

Name: Nadine Gorny
Nationality: German
Level: Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Age : 31
Spoken Languages: German, English, Dutch and Spanish
About me:
I worked as an examined nurse in Germany when I did my Open water diver course I enjoyed diving so much that I decided to move to Lanzarote , to change my life and work as a Dive Guide.
After working 9 years on Lanzarote a small Canary Island , I was looking for a new challenge and moved to Indonesia, to work for Tasik Ria. I have travelled the world and have seen many different dive sites, including Egypt, Bonaire and Maldives, just to find out that Indonesia is one of the best sites I have ever seen.

I totally agree with you, I’ve dived in most of the places you mention & think that Indonesia is the BEST!


Name: Francesco Ricciardi
Nationality: Italian
Level: Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Age : 35
Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French and a little Indonesian
About me:
Diver since 15 years, I’ve started diving intensively during my PhD studies in Aquatic Biology at Milan University (Italy). I’ve become PADI Instructor running my small diving school in Milan before leaving for Indonesia for the first time in 2004. After 3 years working in Spain, in the Medas Island Nature Reserve, I’ve been back here where I plan to continue teaching, collecting data about anemonefish (I’ve already published some research paper on the biology of these fish) and taking photos of the incredible local biodiversity.

I’m sure that very shortly you’ll be fluent in Indonesian, well Manadonese 🙂


Name : Monica Undap
Age : 32
Nationality : Indonesian
Level : OWSI
Language spoken: English , Indonesian
About me:

Born here in Minahasa, I began my diving career here at Tasik Ria over 10 years ago. Since becoming an Instructor, I have been able to freelance at many dive centers here in Manado, teaching people from all over the world. Given the chance to come back full time as part of the new International team, I couldn’t say no!!

A very warm welcome back to you Monica, It’s great to see you at Tasik Divers 🙂

The Tasik Divers Team (well some of them 🙂 ) I’m sure that with the new Instructors you’ll make Tasik Divers the best dive operation in North Sulawasi!


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