The Tasik team improve the local environment!

To coincide with International Coastal Cleanup Day a team from Tasik Ria & Tasik Divers carry out a beach clean up on Bunaken.
At Tasik Ria/Divers we are very aware that our future is dependent on the health of the local marine environment, so to do our bit, on the 25th international Coastal Cleanup Day, a team of Hotel & Dive staff carry out a beach cleanup on Bunaken Island, at the heart of the stunning Bunaken National Park.

 “Rubbish gets washed down the rivers on the mainland & ends up on the beaches around the marine park, if we collect it we can stop it ending up on the reefs”

“We can have a fun day out AND help to protect the marine life, fantastic!”

The Team

Agree & Jimmy, the youngest & (well according to Facebook) oldest members of the team.

Looking good Jimmy, 66 next year, wow! 🙂

All the rubbish collected was taken to Manado & disposed of permanently in the waste disposal and recycling system!

Thanks to everyone involved in the latest beach cleanup! I know you’ll all be pleased that you have helped to improve the local environment & that  your hard work has made some of the best diving on the planet even better!!

Why not join in the next International Coastal Cleanup? If you can’t join the team from Tasik then find a local project at  Coastal Cleanup

For more information on the damage caused by marine debris go to Project Aware  & download their factsheet.  

Next time……………

New Staff at Tasik Divers & the return of a (not so) old face!(:


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