Green fins Project Indonesia

“Since 2004 when the Green Fins project started, there have been hundreds of reef cleanups that have seen huge amounts of rubbish and pollution removed from both popular dive sites and non-dived sites. All this hard work can be hugely rewarding and can have a very quick and dramatic effect on an area. It is important though to look at why and how the rubbish got there in the first place and try to work together to make sure it does not return back into the sea.

If you are getting involved in a reef cleanup, be sure to seek proper guidance first and only use the most experienced divers possible. Diving is a dangerous sport and being involved in a reef cleanup can only add pressure and more demands. Always use the right gear, dive with close buddies and be careful at all times. It is also important that you know what to remove and what to leave. If a piece of rubbish such as a tyre or a bottle has coral or other marine life growing on it, then leave it. It will only cause more harm than good.”

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As accredited member of GREEN FINS, everyone at Tasik Divers take very seriously the coral reefs protection.

Unfortunately, sometimes witnesses of  behaviors from unaware or  clumsy divers, we believe  it is important to remind how fragile our reefs are but also how each diver can make a real difference.

when watching this, don’t you feel like protecting it as well? ♥

This week-end we are very glad to welcome Mr Kelso and his group from also very active members into conservation projects

Photos soon 🙂


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