During the night World Cup @Jetty Bar and during the day DIVE!!!

South Africa 2010 – live at Tasik Jetty Bar

Enjoy the WORLD CUP with your friends in the atmosphere of our international bar.

From the 11th of June – the 11th of July 2010.

All Games will be shown on our big TV screen

During the day…keep diving!!!!

Have you heard about our Molas shipwreck?

we cam say that every shipwreck has its own personality…

yes yes personality 🙂

its location, the amount of time it has spent on the sea bed, the circumstances of its sinking are just elements of its personality

well, when you visit Molas wreck all those factors come together to create an atmosphere

Looking at photos of it now, the word that springs to mind is ” mysterious”

It is a wreck for history lovers and has schools of fish and by the time it grows a few gorgonians

This steel hulled Dutch merchant ship, 60m (200ft) long sunk in 1942

It now lies upright in 30 to 38 meters of water. The wreck is mostly intact ( split near amidships back to the stern, exposing the wheelhouse and cargo holds) but has heavy coral growth, it makes a great home for some resident groupers, trevally and wrasse. Also keep a lookout for some smaller critters (cuttlefish and/or nudibranchs).

Close are some impressive coral gardens interspersed with sandy patches (that are an ideal habitat for garden eels, gobies and jawfish).

A real maritime “museum”.

Happy diving and happy world cup 🙂


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