Night dive?

Yesterday after coming back from night dive, some of our guest who were at the jetty  watching the boat coming back asked:

“why do people love so much night dive? “

since we are asked the same question regularly, here’s the answer

and the answer is very  simple 🙂

it is very different down there at night

our guests can tell 🙂

Many  animals are nocturnal which means that night dive is your only opportunity to watch them

but not only animals, to look the corals feeding absorbing nutrients glowing in the dark is amazing!

Shine your light into an anemone or a hermit crab and watch them feed on the worms that your light attracts.

Night diving is even more relaxing than during the day,  no need to go deep,  just going slowly and staring at the amazing underwater secret life of the night

Yesterday again  the whole goup coming back after the dive was  there to assert that our place is truly one of the world’s most spectacular opportunities for doing a night dive

So true that we decide to do  a special offer NIGHT DIVE  to our  guests 🙂

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