Tropica’s new hat!

Tropica is designed for divers

Lounge with comfortable seating area,  “diver’s stuff” storage areas, fresh water tank for cameras, toilets, VHF Radio, Mobile Phone, GPS Navigation,Medic First Aid Kit
& Oxygen Tank and Life jackets, a well-designed dive platform for easy water entries/exits,

since today “she” is also designed for sunbath lovers 🙂

Covered/open sundeck for reading, conversation and relaxation between dives.

New spacious sundeck just perfect for watching the landscape of Bunaken Park with drink in hand

if like last week you see Pilot whales or dolphins on the way :  gaze down their beauty from there

Some relaxing therapy ?  Reserve a massage session with one of our professionnal therapists

unless you prefer fun therapy?

as our guests already know:  the  staff, though professional never forget what FUN means! 😀

Enjoy your dive AND surface interval …

do no forget your sunblock though ;)

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