you wonder …

☼  Is the weither still good in December/January  and  what are the diving conditions?

☼ In Manado we dive all year-round, because the conditions are usually very good

☼ Visibility is up to 30m

☼  Water normally 28° to 29°C with some cold upwellings (25 to 26°C). Lembeh Strait is is usually 1 to 2° colder

☼  Our boats are very comfortable, whether you want to get an interval rest protected from the shiny sun or from the refreshing rain

In general Indonesia has two yearly seasons of monsoon winds: the southeast monsoon (dry) and the northwest monsoon (rain).

The dry season usually runs from May through September and the rainy season from November through March

☼  Better my 5mm wetsuit or my 3mm wetsuit?

☼ we usually suggest you to bring your 3mm (or to rent ours)

☼ a 5mm however is a good idea for those who get easily chilled, a dive skin for those who don’t J

☼ you might be surprised that we use only a full wetsuit (full legs/arms, not shorty) in sort to be protected against any burning or itchy experience

to be followed…


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